In honor of the power outage at Super Bowl 47, here are six videos of people getting zapped with electricity. Don't worry, nobody is seriously hurt or killed. They do, however, earn a new respect for electricity.

Fat Man Gets Electrocuted

This funny video shows how not to plug in an extension cord.

Guitar Amp Electrocution - Ouch!

Gerald Weber of Kendrick Amps tinkers with an amp and receives quite a shock.

Brainiac - Science Abuse - Rick Waller gets electrocuted, hilarious!

Testing the limits of science and the pain threshold of man.

Kids Troll Dad Gets Electrocuted!

Is this the most patient dad in the world? Watch his kids troll him with electricity.

Electric Shock Therapy Tough Mudder AZ 2012

This is one extreme obstacle course.

Girl gets electrocuted

Jamie just wanted a pen and some gum. She got much, much more.