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WATCH: Family Sings Bohemain Rhapsody to School
I remember the ride to school when I was a kid, and it was nothing like this! I was never a morning person, so the morning ride to school I was half asleep any way. This dad is doing a great job of getting his kids pumped up for the day with a little Queen.
WATCH: This Girls Sings With Her Mouth Shut
You know the saying "I could do that with my eyes closed?" Well, this little girl one ups that phrase. She can SING that with her mouth closed! She'll never get called out for lip syncing.
If she keeps this up, she could be after Jeff Dunham's job!
Dad’s Cute Interrogation of His Daughter [VIDEO]
I don't know how it is in your family, but in mine I'm the favorite of our son, Riley. My husband struggles on a daily basis that HE is not the favorite. It's even gotten to the point to where I have to act like Riley's manager and ask him to kiss or hug daddy.
This Law and Order …
Toddler Knows He’s Sexy in LMFAO Cover
Ever see something simultaneously ever-so-slightly disturbing and yet overwhelmingly, incredibly adorable? If not, meet Marek, a viral three-year-old with a lot of self-confidence — and a deep appreciation for LMFAO.
End 2011 With Laughing Babies [VIDEO]
We we get ready to say "adios" to another year, I think we need some laughs to get ready for 2012!
I ran across this video earlier today, and Elaine busted out laughing... So I had to share it with ya!
Hilarious Christmas Nativity [VIDEO]
This is the time of year when churches and Sunday schools put on productions of the Nativity.
And, with kids, you're never quite sure what your going to get.
Will they remember the lines, get distracted, or maybe sing bad... Very bad!

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