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Hilarious Christmas Nativity [VIDEO]
This is the time of year when churches and Sunday schools put on productions of the Nativity.
And, with kids, you're never quite sure what your going to get.
Will they remember the lines, get distracted, or maybe sing bad... Very bad!
Too Cute – Kids Doing Taekwondo [VIDEO]
They say that if you want your child to be good at something, start them at an early age. My parents made me do things like play baseball and the guitar. My sister took ballet and dance.
The parents of these kids chose something a little more... Advanced?
Thanksgiving Safety Tips From William Shatner [VIDEO]
Sometimes I feel like this is William Shatner's world, and we're just living in it!
Priceline, Star Trek, bad music videos, and now giving us turkey fryer safety tips.
The gang over at State Farm teamed up with Shatner to demonstrate that, while fried Turkey is tasty, it can also be dangerou…
Bride Texts During Her Wedding [VIDEO]
I swear, people will use their cell phones anywhere these days! Talking, updating Facebook,  and texting are getting out of hand.
In the theatre, in line at the credit union, in church, and at their own wedding!

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