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Wild Turkey Attacks TV Reporter [VIDEO]
It could almost pass for a bad 1990's Fox TV Special... "When Turkey's Attack!"
But it's not some made for TV movie ... It's what happened to an unfortunate new reporter for Channel 10 in Sacramento.
Kids React to Planking, Owling, and Other Fads [VIDEO]
Since the first email was sent, the internet has been full of silly fads.
Kind of like Twinkies, no one really knows where they came from... Or how long they will be around!
This summer, it seemed like planking was everywhere!
Well, someone decided to do a new take on an 'ol Bill Cosby concept...
Older Couple Make YouTube Gold [VIDEO]
I started seeing this video make its way around the Internet yesterday.
At first, I didn't pay it much attention.
But after hearing several co-workers talk about it, I had to see what it was all about!

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