Oh Say Can You Hear How Horrid It Sounds?
Unfortunately for Fergie, she had many people in the crowd trying to hide their reactions. Maybe she didn't practice, maybe she is like me and thinks that because it sounds great in the shower it will sound great at the NBA All-Star game?
Beware of Where You ‘Plank’
I'll admit it, I don't really understand the fascination with Planking.
Great, you can lay down like a board... Good for you!
So can my cats... And my Pug. They'll lay perfectly still for HOURS!
Talk About Cheap Gas… 1.10 A Gallon. Oh, It Was A Mistake!
With gas prices going up, and up, and up, everyone is on the lookout for cheap gas. Heck, on my way into work, I always check if prices have gone up or down (They actually went down 2 pennies yesterday at Murphy USA here on the west side!)
Well, the other day, a gas station in California had a sale o…