Are They Really Making a FarmVille Movie?
Get your crops ready, hayseeds — there might be a FarmVille movie coming. As one of the most popular video games probably ever, the scourge of Facebook is about to hit the silver screen thanks to screenwriters Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen.
Courtney Strodden, Teen Married to 51 Year Old, Gets TV Show
You may remember Courtney Strodden from back in July.
That's when she and her husband went on news shows talking about their relationship... Trying to explain why the 16 year old married 51 year old Doug Hutchison.
Back then, Robert, Erin, myself, everyone was questioning how long before som…
Casey Anthony’s Parents to Appear on ‘Dr. Phil’
The parents of Casey Anthony, who was recently acquitted of killing her young daughter Caylee, will break their silence on the upcoming 10th season premiere of ‘Dr. Phil.’
The embattled couple had its pick of media outlets, but felt the show hosted by psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw was the best option.…
Is It Really Sinead O’Connor?
It was the late 80's/early 90's when most of us got our first glimpse of Sinead O'Connor.
She had strong beliefs, strong vocals... And no hair!
In fact, it was almost like her trademark look... She was always bald.
No Rain Means Texas Town Will ‘Recycle’ Water
It's been extremely dry here in Shreveport/Bossier and the Ark-La-Tex. And the hot temperates aren't helping anything.
Parts of Texas have it even worse than we do!
According to Discovery, this is the third worst drought on record for Texas. In fact, Big Spring Texas has had less than 0.1 in…

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