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Kids React to Planking, Owling, and Other Fads [VIDEO]
Since the first email was sent, the internet has been full of silly fads.
Kind of like Twinkies, no one really knows where they came from... Or how long they will be around!
This summer, it seemed like planking was everywhere!
Well, someone decided to do a new take on an 'ol Bill Cosby concept...
Corgi Puppy Tries to Sleep Through the Hiccups [VIDEO]
It’s hard to be a puppy. All that cuteness and people always cooing “awwww!” at you and having little puppy paws that make many folks just want to eat you up.
Sometimes you simply have to take a nap to escape it all. So you cuddle into a warm lap, and what happens? You get the hiccups. And then your …
Older Couple Make YouTube Gold [VIDEO]
I started seeing this video make its way around the Internet yesterday.
At first, I didn't pay it much attention.
But after hearing several co-workers talk about it, I had to see what it was all about!
Dog Goes Crazy Over Hedgehog [VIDEO]
Is that a hedgehog on the floor or are you just happy to see us? This dog is so excited and/or anxious about the prickly brown pile on the floor that he’s decided to skip today’s walk and just run in place.
In reality, we think he’s probably trying to dig a hole so he can expose the hedgehog’s soft, …

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