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Worst National Anthem You’ve Heard? [VIDEO]
Since it's the 4th Of July, we're doing "All American Music" on the radio.
Plus, a lot of us are on the go... Headed to festivals, events, and fireworks (This year being done by the pros due to lack of rain!)
And at most of those events this weekend, someone will sing …
New Weird Al Video Pokes Fun At Lady Gaga [VIDEO]
It's been a couple of years... But Weird Al is back!
The guy that has spoofed Michael Jackson and Joan Jett, and gave us the classic 80's movie UHF, is now giving the world his take on Lady Gaga. Why? Because, baby, he "Performs This Way!"
Fashion Hurts! [VIDEO]
Sometimes, you just have to sacrifice comfort in the name of fashion, right?
Well, how about sacraficing walking for fashion???