I had a treehouse as a child. It was built inside a huge cluster of bamboo. My brothers and my Dad cut pathways in the bamboo to make tunnels that we could crawl through and a platform where we could see across the yard below. It was very unique and I wish I had a picture of it to share with you, but I don't. It did cause a few injuries from splinters, but we didn't care. It was the coolest thing around. But then I see this magnificent treehouse from a backyard in Dallas and I think we were slumming it. 9-years ago, Steve and Jeri Wakefield built this incredible tree house for their grandsons. It has 100-square-feet and is fully air-conditioned.



Their grandsons are grown up, but the treehouse still gets plenty of use. The Wakefields let children from all over the neighborhood use the structure.
Nice neighbors! This spectacular treehouse not only has the cool rope bridge, but it also has a zipline and a cool slide.