So let's say you were one of the first people back in the 80's to have a bag phone, it probably make you feel "cool" or "hip", because, at the time cell phones were for people who were rich, and it made us work hard to get closer to affording one.

Then the technology changes and then came the pager, which made us all feel important that someone was blowing up our pager. Still, a mobile phones wasn't in the cards for a lot of us, yet.

Eventually, we were able to get cell phones that were clunky and looked like bricks. Those were much more affordable, but alas, they gave way to smaller and smaller phones that got better and better quality to where we are today. Now we have Android and iPhones populating the cell phone stores.

So, let's say you miss the old days, or you weren't able to have one of the brick phones and still wish you had one. It was a right of passage for you. A right of passage that you have not been able to achieve.

Fear not. Your luck has changed.

You can actually have that Brick Phone you have been wanting, but it will have all the conveniences of

your iPhone. How is this possible? Because you iPhone IS the Brick Phone.

OK, so it won't fit in your pocket anymore and it will be big and clunky. Chances are you will probably want to get rid of it after a short period of time.

Then again, you maybe come so attached to it, you will want to buy more of them.

With either scenario, you are in luck. ThinkGeek sells them as costume accessories for only $14.99. So if you toss it, you won't feel too bad, as you didn't spend too much on it. If you want to have a bunch of them, because you break them a lot, the cost is low enough that it won't kill your wallet.

And parents, this could be just the embarrassment that you have been looking for, if you have a teenager who stayed out too late last weekend.

Just sayin.