So tonight, it happens again. Before you head to bed, make sure you set your clocks ahead by one hour. If you don't  you will be one of the many who are walking into church tomorrow and wondering why everyone is leaving. (Now that is embarrassing...been there.)

After living in Arizona for  3 years, I have to admit, I got used to not having to change my clocks, so this will be a test of my ability to remember. It got me to thinking about how it all got started and why do places like Arizona not take part in the time change.

So Daylight Savings Time was originally mentioned by one of the founders of our country, Benjamin Franklin, in 1784, but wasn't implemented until 1895 and didn't go into action until after the First World War.

What is interesting is there are critics of Daylight Savings Time (DST) who mention that there are negative effects on people's health as a result of changing sleep patterns and other areas like complicating timekeeping, can disrupt meetings, travel, billing, record-keeping, medical devices, heavy equipment and even issues with computers.

On the flip side, the proponents say that it increases productivity and decreases crime, though there is very little information to prove or disprove that.

Regardless, it is upon us at 2am, so rather than stay up for it, just move your clocks ahead before you go to bed, you will get the sleep that your body is going to need by losing an hour tonight.