I told the story on the radio about playing golf with comic Ron White. In the middle of the round, he got a call from his agent who told him about a rich guy in Pittsburgh who'd seen his act and wanted to to pay him $15,000 (air and hotel included) to come to his birthday party.

Well, it turns out there are any number of celebrities who'd love to come to your next party...for a price.

The cast of Jersey Shore. Pick your favorite...Snooki, Pauly D, The Situation! All willing to attend your next soiree under two conditions: It's in the New York - New Jersey area, and you pay $25,000...apiece.

Kim Kardashian. More than willing to be your friend for a mere $125,000...plus traveling expenses (topnotch, of course).


Tom Cruise. Yep, Tom himself, a bargain at $200,000...if it's in the LA area.

Charlie Sheen. Is he worth $50,000 more than TC? He thinks so! Charlie's your special party guest for $250,000...and travel by private jet.

Metallica. Yes, it an outlandish $1.5 million...but they do throw in a performance.

Lady Gaga. Got an extra $2 million? If so, the woman born Stefani Germanotta is willing to perform at your kid's next birthday party!