Marriage isn't easy. If you're a woman, you know what we mean! Here are 10 things you probably don't want to say to your husband.

1. “No, of course I wasn't faking!"

You should always tell your husband the truth. Lying is never a great idea when it comes to sexual intimacy.  In the long run, this can actually push him away. The best bet is to be honest and tell him what does satisfy you.

2. “You’re just like your father!"


This is very hurtful. It's nasty and belittling and really crosses the line. Using lines like this can cause a permanent wedge between you.

3. “When are you going to find a new job?”

This is another one of those hurtful comments that is a sure sign that you will have trouble ahead. It's demeaning and disrespecting an important part of his life.

4. “My mother warned me you’d do this!”

Again, this is crossing the line and you should avoid making such a remark. If you’re just lashing out? Hold your tongue and focus on what's really making you mad.

5. “Just leave it––I’ll do it myself!"

This is just not the way a wife should speak to her husband. It’s just plain demeaning for you to send the message that he's not good enough to handle the task at hand.

6. “You always... [fill in the blank]” or “You never... [fill in the blank]”

Therapists say these are two phrases you should never use. They set up an instant, negative tone and put an end to any constructive communication.

7. “Do you really think those pants are flattering?”

You know you don't want to hear something like this from him, so you shouldn't say something negative like this to him.

8. “Ugh, we’re hanging out with him again?

You probably won't like all of his friends, but you don't have to be insulting when you try to avoid spending time with people you don't like.

9. “Please watch the kids. But don’t do this, take them here or forget that...” 

Many new moms make this mistake. You try to control everything about the kids and don't think he can handles the tasks surrounding the children.

10. “You're having another beer?”

This sounds judgmental and sends the message that you think he can't handle himself.

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