Since the beginning of time, we have always heard the stereotypes of men, that they just don't pay attention to the small things. From what I just learned from Female First, that may be true...and it really doesn't matter. According to a new survey from all of your fears (or assumptions) come to reality:

Most guys don't know their wife or girlfriend's sizes.

  • 46% don't know her dress size.
  • 72% don't know her bra size
  • 38% don't know what size shoe she wears.

Then we have sights, smells and sounds:

  • 31% of guys don't know what perfume their wife or girlfriend wears
  • one in eight don't know her favorite type of food
  • one in 10 don't know what type of music she listens to.

Finally, the IMPORTANT STUFF. This is the stuff that will put you in the doghouse/make you sleep on the couch:

  • 5% of guys don't know the date of their anniversary
  • 1% don't know when her birthday is

But in the end 75% of guys say they don't think it's important to know those details. Why, you ask? Because 92% of the men in the survey said they know what makes her happy...and in the end, that is what matters most, right?