Following the one year anniversary of the infamous Casey Anthony trial and verdict that shocked the nation, Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez is now making SHOCKING new claims!

On the heels of Baez's new publication "Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story," he says that his former client Casey Anthony had it in her head that her father, George Anthony fathered her child, Caylee, and that HE murdered her to hide evidence of any sexual abuse inflicted on Caylee, from him!

These claims were initially brought up in the opening statements from the trial, but George took the stand and immediately struck these claims down!

The other bombshell allegations are that George committed incest and impregnated Casey, and that George was the father of little Caylee!

For the record, Baez has no reason to lie, as he made it known that he will NOT profit from the book at all!

Clearly the Anthony's have issues that need to be ironed out! But, what do you think, are the allegations true?