I'm a city girl- born and raised in Shreveport. I have fallen in love and (somewhat recently) moved to the big town of Heflin, LA. Now, most people have no idea where that's at. It's just south of Minden and Sibley- I'd say about 30 minutes or so.

I'm in Shreveport every day, so, I looked all over town looking for this chemical that is going to be used in a Science Project for one of my boyfriend's daughters. No one had it- no one. I called EVERYWHERE ...all over Shreveport AND Bossier...even spent a whole day searching for it, and nothing.

So, where did I find it? Minden...oddly enough...the bigger town closest to us. While I was at the register, I looked over and saw what appeared to be small, white fox-like animal. So, I asked the lady about it. Trying to let my Magnet education shine, I asked her if it was an Albino Fox. She corrected me and said, "Oh, everyone thinks it's a fox. It's an Albino Raccoon." "A WHAT!?" Yeah... The taxidermy around these parts never ceases to amaze me. Beautiful animal, but the nails kinda creep me out.

This photo from http://www.akidsphoto.com/critters/albinocoon.html which has lots of information about these animals.