Here it is...the truth...and it isn't very shocking. Which sex lies more? Men or Women? Chances are, you already knew the answer, but did you know that it was 3 times more?

Yes, it is true, as the stereotypes would tell  you, Men do lie more than women. But did you know that Men lie 3 times more?

But wait...there's more.

According to the UK Daily Mail writer Katy Winter, men lie as much as 3 times a day...and at least 1000 times per year.

So before we start writing nasty-grams to Ms. Winter, this isn't some random small sample survey. No, it is a survey of over 2,500 people in England.

Now let's drill down a bit:on the men:

  • Less than 5% said they tell the truth "all the time"
  • 52% of men said they lied at least 3 times a day
  • 14% said they lied at least 5 times a day

Now for the drill down on women:

  • 57% said they lied once a day
  • 17% said the lied 3 times a day

Oh and that friend you have, you may want to check on that "friend" status. 71% of those in the survey said that they have lied to them.

However, more people tell the truth at work. Only 31% admitted to lying.

Now for the truth: The top 5 lies that men and women tell the most:


  1. Yes, I’ve done it- 45%
  2. Sorry, I had no signal- 41%
  3. I’m on my way- 39%
  4. I didn’t see you’d called/texted- 35%
  5. I don’t look at other women- 30%


  1. I'm fine- 27%
  2. I’m on my way- 26%
  3. It was on sale- 24%
  4. You look really nice- 19%
  5. Sorry, I had no signal- 16%

While none of the findings are shocking or surprising, the sad truth is, we all lie more than we should.