I think the perfect headline for Saturday's Taste Of Home Cooking School could be "Fun Time Had By All!"

Great ideas to try out in our kitchens... And, if you got a sample of the "Corned Beef Casserole," I helped with the prep before the show!

Or, I TRIED to help. Being the newest member here at KVKI, my co-workers soon found out why BJ Kelley dines out so often!

So I don't know how to cook or boil noodles! The instructions for the casserole said to make the noodles by following the package directions... Wait for the water to boil then add the noodles. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, that takes too long. So I thought, "Why not put the noodles in the water, then boil it." In my mind, it would work. What's the worse that could happen?

Well, it seems that's the perfect way to get soggy, clumpy noodles! Yummy!!!

So the noodles were taken away from me and given to Kayla from our sister station, 99x.

Eventually, she got noodles that weren't a big mess and that's what ended up in the samples.

But, I did at least figure out how to open up cans and cut butter!