I don't think I was the victim of regifting this year, but you never know. Check out some of these funny stories.

One lady bought her brother and new sister-in-law a food processor for their June wedding. And then at Christmas, she got the same food processor complete with dried, crusted food particles on it. She donated it to Goodwill.
Another RGV (regifting victim) is a woman who got a purse from her mother-in-law for Christmas. But when she opened it, found an appointment book still in it.

Here's another: This one is pretty bad. An elderly Aunt gives her niece a box of chocolate for Christmas, but when the niece took a bite of one of them...it was like chocolate dust. She noticed the box had an expiration date from the 70's.

How about this from your husband. Wife and hubby agree to go Christmas shopping for each other separately, but when the wife opened her gift on Christmas morning, it was a small clock with the name of the company he works for engraved on it. He had never done any Christmas shopping when he left home that day.

And this is one I could regift if you want it. My Mom has one of those yellow boxes of Jean Nate and she has had it for years. Well I found the story of a woman who got the gift set one Christmas and it has been regifted throughout the family for 30 years. It's traveled from New York to Texas to Minnesota and back to all of our family members as a Christmas Gift joke.