Can you believe that in one week it will be July? Here's something else you might also find hard to believe. A ticket purchased for the January 3rd drawing of the Mega Millions game that was purchased in Louisiana and is worth $10,000 will expire in one week as well.

That's right, someone is holding a lottery ticket worth $10,000, and if they don't claim it by next Wednesday that money will be deposited into the Lottery's unclaimed prize fund. Since we'd rather not see the money go back into the lottery system when it could be going into a winner's hands, let's recap the details of the January 3rd drawing.

The numbers drawn for the drawing in question were:

37-41-42-53-63 and the Mega Ball was 16.

Officials with the Louisiana Lottery say their records show the winning ticket was purchased in Chalmette at the Super Discount Store on Paris Road. The ticket matched four of the five numbers and the Mega Ball that was drawn that night.

The holder of the winning ticket will need to come forward by 5 pm on the date of the ticket's expiration if they want to claim their prize. By the way, the Lottery has instituted new ways to pay out prizes during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can find out more about that by visiting the Louisiana Lottery website.


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Your Very Own Private Paradise


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