Not all of us are morning people. In fact I would hazard a guess that most of us would rather be sleeping right now than learning how to have a better morning. Since you're already awake and have probably already growled at someone you love or someone you work with, let's take a look at what you could do to improve your waking hours.

1-Stop with the Facebook So Early: While it might seem to be fun to have a sneak peak into the lives of others more often than not Facebook is a downer. It also can be a huge waste of time. When you read depressing thoughts or feel as if you've already wasted part of your day that is reflected in your mood. Experts say a little less Facebook before breakfast is a better way to begin the day.

2-Fruits and Veggies Really Help: You know the health advantages of eating fruits and vegetables. You don't allow those advantages to actually affect your choice of meals but you know you need to eat those things. I know from experience a simple piece of fruit such as an orange or an apple or even some strawberries can make a big difference. Yes, drinking fruit juice counts as well. There are some great metabolic advantages to have natural sugars in your system in the morning. So snack on some celery, munch on a mango, or grabs some grapes. You'll feel better and thus have a better start to your day.

3-You're Dehydrated: Do you wake up in the morning with a mouth so dry you could sand down a sidewalk using your tongue? You've gone without water for several hours during your sleep. Your body is craving water. Water is what your body uses to run all of those processes you need to stay a live. In the morning you're running on empty. A couple of glasses of water to start the day is not a bad thing. The good news is that coffee does count.

According to an article published by Huffington Post there are actually six other reasons you're not a morning person. If these three easy fixes don't do the trick for you.

Just in case you're wondering how it is that morning radio personalities always sound so chipper when you're first greeting the day. It's because we've been up for hours. It's almost the middle of the day by the time we start the show and you wake up to join us. We've already upset our co-workers and are waiting for our daily sit down with the people in Human Resources.

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