Wait! I come in peace. Please don't shoot the messenger.

First of all, before anything else is read, please know:

I understand how tremendously difficult it can be to lose weight. It seems to be part of the modern human contract that many of us will find ourselves struggling to fight the extra baggage that wants to weigh us down--both metaphorically and physically.

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If somehow you're not familiar, the Keto diet is one of the newest low-carb incarnations with a particular focus on a high intake of fat. According to one USA Today article, "though there are slightly different versions of the ketogenic diet, it's primarily based on a low intake of carbohydrates coupled with a high intake of fat and protein."

I have several friends that are keto loyalists. They swear by it. And, if I'm honest, they've enjoyed some impressive results. So what's the problem? Cardiologists and other doctors are quite concerned that, despite the weight loss, the long-term effects on heart and kidney health are cause for caution.

In an effort to battle the bulge, many people will do whatever it takes it order to watch the number on the scale go down. But doctors urge us to be aware that there's a difference between weight loss and overall body health. Of course, some are so desperate to lose the weight that they simply put that out of their mind or just don't care.

Because of the focus on high-fat and low-carb, the Keto diet necessarily means that dieters will be significantly reducing their intake of fruits, veggies, and whole grains--always a red flag for health professionals.

So, what do they suggest as a healthy diet alternative? Well, see that's the thing. The general vernacular is changing. Many health professionals are veering away from the word "diet" because it carries the connotation that it's for a short to moderately long period of time. That's never going to be the answer long-term. Unless we make a lifestyle change--meaning, we find a way of eating we could live with forever, whatever changes were made will be lost.

Read more about an alternative eating "lifestyle" plan they suggest here.

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