Most people this time of year are trying to cut back on calories and lose weight, but LSU Reveille journalist Will Nickel recently did just the opposite.

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Depending on where you get your information, the 'standard' daily caloric intake for a healthy diet is around 2,500 calories for men, and around 2,000 for women. But, apparently, an offensive lineman for LSU could eat up to 6,000 calories per day.  Of course, the diet will differ depending on the athlete and their position and physical requirements, but... 6,000 calories.... per day.

Of course, it isn't rocket science to lose or gain weight.  If you want to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you take in.  Gaining weight is a little different, especially for an athlete.  If an athlete wants to gain weight, they usually want to gain muscle mass, not just fat, so that will usually involve working out with weight training in addition to increasing caloric intake.

Nickel told KEEL News on Friday morning, he is probably considered average size, around 5' 10", and about 160 lbs. So obviously for him to increase his calories up to 5,000 to 6,000 a day would require quite a lifestyle change, even for one day.

Nickel described himself a "a pretty fast eater," but said because some of the meals were so huge, he would have to take a break during the meal in order to finish, and finishing sometimes took over 30 minutes.

Nickel shared his revised "Lineman Diet" outlined below... I can't even imagine...

Final Diet:

Breakfast- 4 scrambled eggs, 7 pancakes, 4 pieces of bacon

Snack- 2 Rice Krispie Treats, 1 protein shake

Lunch- Chipotle burrito bowl, extra protein

Snack- 2 granola bars, 4 servings breaded chicken breast

Dinner- Shrimp alfredo, 18 shrimp

Hydration- 7 Bodyarmors, 5 bottles of water

Total: 5,410 calories, 313 grams of protein, 680 grams of carbs, 159 grams of fat, 7 pounds gained

He details his day in his article that you can read in full HERE.

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