A week ago I was a complete couch potato. I went and bought a dress to officiate a wedding for some friends and I saw that my body looks like a busted can of biscuits. I don't know what came over me but I called a friend who knows a lot of trainers in the area and asked her to send me info on the best one she knows of. She sent me a couple of names and I got ahold of the first one she sent. I spent quite a bit to start up the whole gym thing. The trainer, plus the gym membership, which requires a lot of cash upfront. Not to mention all the stuff I had to buy at 5 Star Nutrition. It's safe to say I am in the hole for what feels like a whole lot of money. Is it worth it? After last night, yes.

Yesterday my trainer asked me to step on the scale. I was terrified. Why would he do this? No one can lose weight in a week. I got on the scale and stepped off completely shocked. 7 pounds in a week. A week ago I was barely able to complete 3 minutes on the Stairmaster. Yesterday I "warmed up" with 10 minutes on the Stairmaster. I am pretty sure Hot Trainer tried to murder me, my whole body felt like jello after my hour workout. I went home to walk my dog and my Apple Watch alerted me that I DOUBLED my daily Move goal. I increased my activity by 200% Although it has only been a week, I am excited to see how long and how far I can go. I have to talk to myself and encourage myself to get up and go work out so I'll feel good every single time. It's like I am negotiating with a toddler, and I am the toddler. Here's to losing 70 more pounds with Hot Trainer!

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