I've been known to be, shall we say, a bit 'random' on occasion. In fact, for years I closed my show with the bit, 'Random Thoughts, Not that Anyone Cares.' It was a way for me to get some of the madness that is continually circling my brain out in the open to make you feel like you didn't have it so bad. lol

Regardless, here are a few of those random things that just happened to cross my mind over the weekend. Don't judge me!

  • There's nothing more fierce than a group of single middle-aged women... better known as a litter. I mean, if you're going to call us cougars, you have to get the terminology right. I looked it up, and a group of cougars is a litter. However, I prefer 'tribe.' Cougar is so passe.
  • Boys will be boys... no matter the species. Two of my dogs, Cyrus and Cajun, are happiest if you let them rest with their head on your chest. Mikey, the doxie, won't settle down and go to sleep unless you let him under the covers and he can snuggle up next to your booty. Cam, well, he likes feet. Especially licking your feet. Sure, it's weird, but it makes him happy *shrug*
  • As I was going through news stories this morning getting ready for the show, it made my heart sad that we have so much division, fear, anger, and unrest in our country. The worst part, we have a presidential election coming up this fall. Yep, it's only going to get worse. Maybe it's time to post unicorns and rainbows on social media every day, plug our ears, and sing la, la, la, la to block it all out!
  • There's a rule you should know before you enter the world of horse ownership. Emergency vet calls only take place at night, on a weekend and/or on a holiday when farm calls are the most expensive.

Just remember, if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off!


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