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I've been known to be, shall we say, a bit 'random' on occasion. In fact, for years I closed my show with the bit, 'Random Thoughts, Not that Anyone Cares.' It was a way for me to get some of the madness that is continually circling my brain out in the open to make you feel like you didn't have it so bad. lol Regardless, here are a few of those random things that just happen to be crossing my mind lately. Don't judge...

I am so ashamed of myself...

This evening, when I was out feeding the horses and preparing the barn to bring the horses in before tonight's impending storm, I ran across something I couldn't deal with. There's was not just one, but two dead rodents in one of the horse's water buckets. Clearly, the dead bodies and the bucket had to be removed and cleaned. I couldn't make myself pick that bucket up and have that water with dead rat germs potentially slop all over me. I could not do it. And before I could stop, I found myself texting my 75-year-old momma, asking her to come out to the barn and remove the dead rats and offending water bucket because I am a total wimp. Yes, I deserve your judgment and public scorn. But I would do it again. It's a good thing that my mother is a total badass!

My not so public worries: I went to have the first mammogram that I've had in four years last week. Over the weekend, I received a letter saying they needed me to make another appointment for further imaging. My mind instantly went to a bad place. The same place that so many people have gone before me reading that same vague form letter. Of course, they can't get me in for my follow up for three weeks. I'm doing my best not to borrow trouble. But, if you see me, and I'm looking a little tense or stressed, please give me the benefit of the doubt.

Is anyone else feeling like they're emotionally and mentally burnt to a crisp? Just me? I'm seriously thinking I could be classified as 'extra crispy' at this point, just not nearly as popular as an extra crispy chicken sandwich.

Just remember, if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off!

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