If you're sick of feeling like a human pincushion, you've got to try out 'Buggy Bands!'

My friend Tracy found these ingenious inventions originally at Ellis Pottery ($0.99). Since then she's found them at Wal Mart ($0.98) and yesterday, I bought five at Paul's Farm and Garden. ($1,25 each)

For years, I haven't worn shorts during the summer because I was embarrassed that my legs looked like I had chicken pox! I'm a horse girl, so I'm constantly outside and being bit or stung by mosquitos, horse flies (OUCH!), deer flies, sweat bees, etc... Not any more! My friend gave me a Buggy Band last Saturday at Floatilla and I've worn it ever since... with no more bug bites... even at dusk!

It looks like a spiral key chain that you can put around your wrist or ankle and it's good for up to 300 hours of use. She even tried it on a baby the week before with no problems. There's no doubt that Buggy Bands work way better than coating yourself with Deet.

Don't believe me, try 'em for yourself. And no, I'm not being paid or compensated in any way for this recommendation.

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