Starting Monday, June 24th, KVKI's Kidd Kraddick Morning Show will be doing the show live from the Florida Keys!

Starting Monday, we’re live from the Florida Keys for lots of fun adventures! Key Largo, Florida is the spot for our KiddNation Family Vacation. Not only are our better-halves coming along, but we’re also bringing you too!

Don’t miss a minute of the action as we broadcast live from the new Baker’s Cay Resort Key Largo. And follow our social media all week for pics, video, and highlights of it all! Thanks to VISIT FLORIDA!

Check out pictures from Baker's Cay Resort Key Largo, which actually used to be a pineapple plantation. It also has a tequila bar restaurant, so Big Al is excited!

In the past, the show had done everything during the Family Vacation that your family might... Like when they went sailing last year...

Or how about when Big Al got his armpits waxed?

What will happen this year? Guess you better listen!

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