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One of TV's most famous and loved doctors calls in to The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.

In his regular Tuesday call in to the morning show, Dr. Oz makes another comment about his intro music and how much he loves it and jokes that he wants to make it a part of his show! Dr. Oz talks football in his college days and the conversation turns to concussions and talks about the concussion that Patrick Mahomes suffered during last weekends game. He goes through different kinds of concussions and addresses the concerns of Chiefs fans, whether or not he'll play Sunday against the Buffalo Bills in the conference championship game.

Dr. Oz also shares with us how to properly exercise your brain because dementia is becoming a severe problem. The diagnosis is showing up in younger and younger people with different types being shown. Dr. Oz also tells people that they must appreciate sleep and get plenty of it.

Big Al also inquires about making smoothies with his smoothie blender and if he's putting too much in to his smoothies. Dr. Oz gives more health advice to us in this segment too.

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