If you are a sucker for a meteor shower you can enjoy the first one of the year tonight! The Quadrantid meteor shower is set to peak around 8:00 p.m. Thursday night. The meteor shower occurs annually during the first week of January. Normally the Quadrantid produces over 100 meteors an hour. It will be a quick show, as it will be done in less than 6 hours. Unfortunately for us, we won't have as good of a show like the folks in Europe and Asia will get. Will there be clear skies so we can actually catch a glimpse of the show? We can only hope! If you want a real-time view of what is happening just check out TimeandDate.com. 

When you go out tonight look for the Big Dipper, you'll see meteors coming from the constellation Quadrans Muralis which is near the Big Dipper. Remember we may have a poor view here in the South since the meteor show will mainly appear low right above the Northern Horizon.

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