Agriculture is big business in Louisiana. Farming and ranching are a way of life for many residents of our state. Many who happen to live in the areas that will likely be devastated by the effects of Hurricane Laura. As Laura pushes water on to pasture land or heavy rains create floodwaters many farmers and ranchers will struggle to maintain feed for their animals.

That's where the Louisiana Farm Bureau's Hay Clearinghouse program will once again come into play. The Hay Clearinghouse allows farmers and ranchers who have been adversely affected by the storm to connect with others who might have hay or other products and services to donate.

If you have hay or pasture space or the ability to transport animals the Louisiana Farm Bureau would like to include you in their clearinghouse. You can simply call the LFB offices at (225) 922-6200 or you can visit this website to arrange for your donation.

By the way, that same number and website are what you'd use if you need extra hay for your animals or you need pasture space to house your animals or if you need to have your animals transported from one place to another. It's all about Louisiana farm families working together, just as they have done for centuries.

Kudos to the Louisiana Farm Bureau Livestock Advisory Committee for developing this plan to help out our state's farm families.


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