Facebook does way more than run the all-encompassing social media site that penetrates every nook and cranny of our existence - they also study (and experiment with) how their work effects our life.  In 2014, the social scientists at Facebook manipulated peoples emotions by adjusting what users saw in their news feed.  Now the professionals at Zuckerberg's famous behavioral lab are saying if you want to be truly well-adjusted in today's hyper-communication society, you'll need to post more.

A blog post from on Facebook's newsroom site by Director of Research David Ginsberg and Research Scientist Moira Burke entitled "Hard Questions: Is Spending Time on Social Media Bad for Us?" suggests that merely looking at the endless flow of information in our news feed will have a negative effect on our emotional state.  However, posting has the opposite effect.  It's basically seeing the world go by versus participating in the social experience first hand.  The suggestion, which I'm sure Facebook made for our benefit, and is not self-serving in any way, is based on a 2015 study conducted by the university of Michigan entitled: Passive Facebook usage undermines affective well-being: Experimental and longitudinal evidence.

According to Facebook;

...actively interacting with people — especially sharing messages, posts and comments with close friends and reminiscing about past interactions — is linked to improvements in well-being."


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