Hero Horse Therapeutic Riding Center

We're dreaming big... because there's no point in dreaming small!

I've got to shout out our amazing Hero Horse team in this passion play of ours. Heather Zahn and John Harris worked and worked and worked and now the arena at Hero Horse is finally ridable! On top of that, Jason McCrea took a chain saw to the fence rows and really cleaned things up. We're talking about hot, sweaty, back-breaking labor! We've all been working so incredibly hard toward this goal, that sometimes we forget to take a moment, sit back, and enjoy the fruits of our labor... and that's exactly what we did!

The first horses were ridden on official Hero Horse land Saturday morning by our Hero Horse team and their children and as you can tell, the smiles didn't stop! We are so excited to offer this opportunity to the community at large. There's no doubt that horses heal hearts!

We're getting a lot of messages asking about when we'll be open and all we can say is, hopefully soon! We're still working on our certifications, insurance and receiving our nonprofit status, but as soon as those things are in place, we'll hit the ground running!

Some other great news that we got recently is that Bret Michaels is making a donation to Hero Horse! In each city that Bret Michaels plays in, he makes a donation to a local charity and we are so incredibly blessed that he chose us!

If you're not familiar with Hero Horse, our story is simple! Hero Horse Therapeutic Riding Center is the dream child of Cathy Zahn, a prominent local entrepreneur, and advocate in our community. In an effort to create more available services to individuals on the Autism Spectrum and all others who could benefit from the healing power of horses, she brought together her daughter, long time horsewoman, Heather Zahn, and myself. Thus, Hero Horse was born. A board was formed, adding fellow horseman, ‘Shotgun’ Ken Shepherd, and local lawyer and philanthropist, John Harris. The By-laws and Articles of Incorporation were then filed with the State of Louisiana and our official first day as a recorded entity in Louisiana became April 1, 2019. Our 501(c)3 status is currently pending with the IRS.

Be a part of the Hero Horse story. Visit Hero Horse on our website or our Facebook page. We're always looking for volunteers and we really need your donations!

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