The COVID-19 crisis has many reevaluating their next professional steps--either by choice or otherwise. Many people long to advance in their careers to a place of leadership. However like many things, the qualities that make a good leader evolve over time. New work styles and definitions of success mean that in order to be an effective leader, the same traits that worked in 1920 don't necessarily jive in 2020. Some, of course, are timeless. When's the last time you considered what it means to be a good leader? A few qualities to consider:

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Emotional intelligence. In the past, emotional intelligence or EQ wasn't much of a consideration. The idea was that emotions and business don't go together very well. However, nowadays, learning how to navigate the various personalities and emotional landscapes of your workplace make all the difference in the world between being a good leader, or a great one. Wanna learn more about how to increase this skill? Take a look here.

Intuition. Really? Oh yes. More than ever, it's important to be able to "trust your gut" when it comes to finding the answers you seek. Learn to trust yourself when you can. Having a strong conviction about your intuitive notions can be an inspiration to your team.

Learn to inspire. Fear-based leadership will only get you so far in our modern culture. In order to really thrive as a leader, learn to make your team feel their role in the success of the company. Do what you can to keep morale high and always show appreciation for hard work. Praise publicly. Criticize privately.

Have confidence. The word "confidence" can feel a bit vague--but it's important nonetheless. It comes from an innate trust of self and not worrying too much about what criticisms come your way. Obviously, you want to listen to any feedback you receive, but don't let it challenge your ego to the point where you respond as if it was a personal offense. Learn what you need to from feedback and experiences and move on. Keep your team focused on the larger goals, too.

Don't be afraid to delegate. I've worked with bosses in the past who have seemed threatened by the success of any individual team members. This can lead to a dysfunctional paradigm that will come back to haunt you. Take joy in the success of your team members. Train them well and give them responsibility. When they are successful that is ultimately a reflection on you, too.

Looking for a few more key traits of an effective leader in 2020 and beyond? Good read for you here.

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