J-Si is trying to figure out how to get his son to sleep in his own bed, again!

Before moving to the new house, J-Si and his wife had their son Cason sleeping in his own bed, but all that changed when they moved into a new house. J-Si is worried about scaring his son for life by what he recently did to his son. Cason refuses to sleep or stay in his own bed and told him that he was going to lock him in his room. Well, J-Si put him in his room and shortly afterwards his son tried getting out, but J-Si had a hold of the door so he couldn't open it and then Cason began pleading with him to open the door. Cason got to him when he said he was sorry and that got to J-Si and he opened the door. Not only did it affect Cason, but it affected J-Si too and now he's considering doing something that Kristen Bell did in her home.

Listen to what happened in this best of audio clip from The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show below and if you have any advice for J-Si let him know in the comment section below.

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