Yesterday, we reported that Lamar Odom was in the hospital and not doing well after being found unconscious at a legal brothel in Nevada. Lamar is not only an ex LA Laker, he’s Khloe Kardashian’s soon to be ex-husband. Different websites have been reporting that the Kardashian family brought a camera crew from Keeping Up with the Kardashians to Las Vegas with them to visit Odom. The family is claiming this is not true. Lamar remains unconscious and on life support. If he wakes up, experts are saying he will most likely have brain damage. More details are coming out now regarding to Odom’s actions prior to being found unconscious. Witnesses say he had been partying for days and had been using an herbal Viagra substitute and cocaine.

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Did you know that at one point Martha Stewart had the opportunity to buy Kmart. She regrets not making the purchase now and says, "We thought about buying it, but we didn't do it, and we should have.  That could have been our store, KMartha!"

After 12 years and 22 seasons, America’s Next Top Model has been cancelled. Tyra Banks is acting like it was her call but it looks like it was the network’s decision.

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Faith Hill and Kellie Pickler are teaming up for a day time talk show that will originate in Nashville. Kellie will be one of the co-hosts and Faith will make guest appearances. The show will feature topics like southern cooking, entertaining, home design and gardening.

What?!?!? Life and Style magazine has thrown some weird rumors out there but this one takes the cake. They’re saying that NBC is hoping that Blake Shelton will propose to Gwen Stefani live on The Voice. Odds are that they aren’t even dating!

Christopher Lloyd says not only would he like to make a Back to the Future 4, he’d also like to throw out the first pitch if the Cubs make it to the World Series.

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There were a ton of rumors on the internet saying Dolly Parton has stomach cancer. Her people have stepped forward to quell the rumors. Dolly says, "It is true that I had kidney stones. I had them removed three weeks ago and I am doing just fine. There is absolutely no truth at all that I have stomach cancer."

Celebrity Birthdays October 15:
Emeril Lagasse 56
Vanessa Marcil 47
Kimberly Schlapman 46 (Little Big Town)