The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show received an update from Lilith.

During last Wednesday's segment of Love Letters To Kellie, the very dramatic situation surrounding Lilith prompted the cast of the show to call her to dig a little deeper into the story. Get the full backstory here. Here's the short version - after Lilith revealed she was pregnant with her boyfriends baby and learning that he was married with children and

he had no clue, Kellie said the truth must come out, the presumed, father of the baby must know about it.

After coming up with a plan to meet the boyfriend, Liiith confronted him with the news and she called the show this morning to give us all an update on what happened when she revealed the news to him.

Listen to "Love Letter Update- Pregnant Lilith Confronts Her Lying Boyfriend" on Spreaker.In today's segment of Love Letters To Kellie, Kellie helps a member of KiddNation who says they've been in a relationship for a really long time, but the guy in the relationship refused to talk about marriage! Kellie gives her some advice on how to address her situation while also giving advice to someone about vacationing with their partner. See they want the first vacation together to be special and not be while attending someone else's destination wedding. Kellie give advice to these situations and more below. Listen to "Love Letters To Kellie- Boyfriend Won't Propose" on Spreaker.

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