On December 31st of 2016, the LSU Tigers football team won the Citrus Bowl. Just five days later the LSU men's basketball team defeated Missouri. Neither team has won a game since then.

Of course, the LSU football team hasn't played anybody. The LSU basketball team has played 11 different opponents and the outcome has been the same each time. This past Saturday a promising start by the Tigers against Arkansas faltered in the end as the Tigers fell to the Razorbacks 78-70. That puts the losing streak at 11.

This current cold streak has had many of the Tiger faithful wondering not if, but when, something will be done to shake up the program. Many Tiger fans are of the opinion that Head Coach Johnnie Jones needs to seek employment elsewhere.

LSU's President F. King Alexander told the Louisiana Radio Network that discussion will take place.

I think there's still a lot of season to go, the SEC Tournament is coming around the corner.I think that's a discussion we have to have probably later in the year.

Jones is in his 5th season with the LSU program and in that time has compiled a record of 89 wins and 67 losses. Needless to say, the fans aren't the only ones affected by the current cold snap on the hardwood.

Right now the team seems to be a bit demoralized, but we still have a lot of season left.

That's pretty good coach speak from President Alexander. I guess he can't just come right out and say the team isn't that good and the coach is not doing his job. I am surprised with all of the budgetary concerns President Alexander is facing he even has time to consider basketball an issue.

So, Tiger fans it looks as if it could be a while before a decision is made on Coach Jones and his future at LSU. Up next for the Tigers is a trip to Oxford Mississippi where they will take on the University of Mississippi. That game is scheduled for 8 PM on Valentine's Day.

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