Just two weeks ago Flora, a 29 year old retiree at Chimp Haven, gave birth to a healthy baby girl chimp. Since then the folks at Chimp Haven have administered pregnancy tests to all the females at the sanctuary to find that Chimp Haven will be receiving another bundle of joy! The sanctuary announces the impending birth of yet another chimpanzee to 42-year-old Ginger. Chimp Haven’s veterinarian, Dr. Raven Jackson, conducted an ultrasound examination last Friday. She says, “The fetus appears to be between 11 and 12 weeks. The average gestation for a chimpanzee baby is 237 days; so, we anticipate that Ginger will be delivering her baby around the fourth week in July.”

“Clearly, we need to solve the mystery of who the father or fathers could be as soon as possible,” explains Chimp Haven President, Dr. Linda Brent. “We will be completing paternity testing by comparing DNA from all of the potential dads with that of Flora’s new baby. Of course, we cannot determine the paternity of Ginger’s baby until it is born.”

That is definitely a "who done it" situation since all the males at Chimp Haven are supposed to be vasectomized. But, the center is determined to get to the bottom of it.

“We take every precaution to prevent pregnancies at Chimp Haven, but nature has a way of occasionally prevailing over the best efforts of science and medicine,” explains Brent. “But when nature wins out, it is our responsibility and pleasure to give those newborns the best life possible at our sanctuary. They will be loved by the chimpanzees and care givers alike and will have the freedom to live very much like wild chimpanzees in the wooded habitats at Chimp Haven.”

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