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Today is 'National Iced Tea Day,' and if there's one thing we do right in the south, it's our iced tea! We're talking liquid refreshment so crisp and so sweet it rots your teeth on contact! There's simply nothing more refreshing than a tall glass of iced tea to cool off on a hot Louisiana day to my way of thinking. So, that begs the question, who has the best iced tea in Shreveport-Bossier?

I'm a bit of an iced tea snob. If I'm in the grocery store, there's really no other choice than Red Diamond. The knock off brands just don't compare and there's nothing worse than tea that's turned! A close second would be Milo's out of Alabama. If you get the change, try it! And for you folks that pollute your iced tea with lemon... well, we'll pray for you!

So, to research who has the best iced tea in Shreveport-Bossier, I went to my trusty friends on social media who never disappoint! I wasn't surprised to see a few fast-food restaurants show up. After all, Popeye's and Raising Cane's are Louisiana chains and they take pride in their iced tea. Sonic also made the list, because let's face it, with their ice, they could even make subpar iced tea taste good! Plus, when you add a shot of raspberry... perfection!

Some of the names that just kept popping up for iced tea honors are known favorites in our area. Notini's has fantastic tea and so does Monjuni's. Of course, you can't forget McAlister's Deli! There were a few places I hadn't heard of though, so a visit is in order to places like Flying Burger, Mandarin Express, and Hartz Chicken.

Check out what our area experts had to say and make sure to tell us who makes the list for you!

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