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Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images
Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images

Amidst all the studies centering COVID-19 and coronavirus in general, there's some incredible work being done right here in Louisiana in the world of weight loss.

Considering what's going on at Louisiana State University's Pennington Biomedical Research Center, there's a possible miracle on the horizon for those who might be a little heavier than they'd like.  Researchers there say that the chemical compound, BAM15 they are developing, is showing great promise as a metabolism increasing fat burner.

We're talking weight loss with no added physical activity!  In essence, a miracle weight loss drug that could help us all drop those unwanted pounds, and we'd never have to grace the doors of the gym to make it happen.

According to an article we found from Louisiana Radio Network, "Pennington Executive Director Dr. John Kirwan says they found the compound in a chemical library and administered it to lab mice. He says the results were impressive."

“This actually works, it works well, it is not toxic, we feel that it has great potential,” says Kirwan.

Just imagine the implications of this breakthrough.  You could take a drug and magically shed those unwanted pounds, with no physical effort.  Course, this is all pending positive results from human testing, and heaven knows what the side effects might be, but still, this could be considered by many to be nothing short of miraculous.

The article goes on to say:

Kirwan says BAM15 infiltrated fat cells in those lab mice and showed weight loss in the test group without any additional physical exertion compared to the control group.

“It takes the fat and is burning it and is burning it in a cycle that is burning up the fat, so it is getting leaner,” says Kirwan.

Another positive in their findings is that BAM15 is also showing signs of reducing blood sugar and insulin levels in lab mice.

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