On the heels of Baton Rouge passing a mask mandate, the governor spoke about the possibility of the entire state doing the same.

As of this writing, on July 2nd, Governor John Bel Edwards currently does not believe he will issue a state-wide mandate forcing all Louisianians to wear masks. Now, it should go without saying that this could change literally at any moment. Due to rising COVID-19 cases in our state, he has already halted our slow-but-steady climb back to normalcy. Louisiana will remain in Phase Two until late July, at the very earliest. Of course, if cases continue to rise, some suspect our state will not only stay in Phase Two but might even get pushed back to Phase One.

This week, after several Louisiana parishes made it mandatory to wear masks, John Bel spoke about mask usage in general, as well as a potential state-wide mandate.

He says, "It is not currently recommended by the White House guidelines that you have mandates on masks from the state level, but rather you do it at the local level as the situations dictate.”

It's nice to see John Bel give the power to the individual communities to make the best decisions for themselves... I wish he would also give that same power to communities who wish to continue onto Phase Three, but at least each parish and community can decide if their situation is bad enough to make mask-usage mandatory.


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