"Olympus Has Fallen," the made-in-Shreveport-Bossier City action flick starring Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman debuts in movie theaters today (March 22). It seems like only yesterday we were gazing in awe at the amazing White House replica erected on the side of the Arthur Ray Teague Parkway in Bossier City. And now we get to see it destroyed while eating popcorn.

One thing that still amazes us to this day is the choice of Bossier City as the location to shoot "Olympus Has Fallen." Shreveport-Bossier has played host to big-name movie productions before, but the sheer scope of this project surpasses anything else we've seen so far.

Lucky for us, director Antoine Fuqua required somewhere he "could blow things up and shut the city down." As it turned out, the Arthur Ray Teague Parkway is a perfect stand-in for Pennsylvania Avenue.

We're hoping to see the flick, which some have dubbed 'Die Hard in the White House,' soon. Until then, maybe we'll watch Mike Banning (Butler) kick butt in the trailer one more time.

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