Remember when they had the White House set up in front of the CenturyLink Center for the filming of "Olympus Has Fallen"? Here's Gerard Butler talking about how he feels about Shreveport. Spoiler alert: he loves us!

Butler's kind remarks about Shreveport were preceded by the host asking about how the White House was able to be destroyed so convincingly in the film.

"You build it somewhere else," Butler said. "So we built in Shreveport, and Shreveport said, 'Hey, we have a White House!' and then we systematically destroyed it."

The White House replica, which was erected along the Arthur Ray Teague Parkway, stood tall for most of last summer during the filming of "Olympus Has Fallen."

"How crazy are the movies that you can build a White House in a town and then destroy it and leave," joked Kimmel.

"They were very disappointed. They were like, 'we thought you were going to finish it,'" replied Butler.

When asked how he feels about Shreveport, Butler said he loves it here but admitted the heat made working a little tough.

"I love Shreveport. It's exceptionally hot. The hottest period was unfortunately the week when I was filming outside doing the action sequences running around," Butler said. "On the index scale it was 122 degrees and the humidity was awful and they were changing my shirt every take because I was soaking and the sweat was just pouring off me."

Yup -- sound about right.

Butler also gushed about the Remington Hotel in downtown Shreveport where he stayed during filming and how the owner created a cinema room named after him. Well, temporarily anyway.

Watch Gerard Butler's Interview with Jimmy Kimmel

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