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Gerard Butler’s ‘Dracula 2000’ Audition Is Terrifying
Admittedly, this old video of Gerard Butler auditioning for the lead in Dracula 2000 isn’t new to the internet, but it is entirely appropriate viewing for this spoooooky season. It is so hilariously terrifying that you could easily put it on a YouTube playlist for your Halloween party and not…
Gerard Butler to Return in ‘Angel has Fallen’ Sequel
Oh my god, that TITLE. It’s impossible to imagine the scenario in which this title was decided on unanimously by a group of rational adult humans. What comes after Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen? Angel, clearly. But the title of the next installment in the Help, Gerard Butler, the P…
Gerard Butler Workout
Gerard Butler really needs to stop messing with our hearts, because we're falling for him hard.
First he recreated '300' for his fans, then he talked about dressing up for vagina festivals and he even humored the troops. Now he's lifting weights with children and hugging them and …
CGI Shreveport?
The technical side of the movie business grows more amazing every day! Industry insiders will tell you that with the advent of digital technology, the limits of on-screen magic are almost non existent!