Sounds like Geostorm’s theatrical run is going to be… [puts on sunglasses] a disaster. Almost two years after it was initially scheduled to hit theaters, Gerard Butler’s climate change, perfect storm movie is foundering at the box office (read our review here) and could lose almost as much as it cost to make.

After speaking with a number of box office analysts, The Wrap reports that the break-even point for Geostorm would be something like $300 to $350 million worldwide. Geostorm, which had a budget of $120 million, is not nearly on track for that. The film has brought in only a reported $66.8 million worldwide, including $14.7 million domestically. It’ll end up as the second-biggest flop for Warner Bros. this year after King Arthur: Legend of the Sword failed this summer. Geostorm is opening in China this weekend, but even those gains are hardly expected to help the studio that much.

Part of why Geostorm is doing so badly probably has to do with the fact that Warner Bros. barely advertised it, which is usually a sign that the studio just wanted to release it and get it over with. It hit theaters on a pretty tame weekend, but next weekend sees Thor: Ragnarok scooping up all the attention, with Justice League following soon after that.

But listen, Warner Bros. will be fine. Geostorm was co-financed with Skydance and Ratpac, so the losses will be shared by three studios instead of shouldered by just one. Plus, Warners had four massive releases this year with Wonder Woman, Dunkirk, Annabelle: Creation, and the record-breaking IT, and the aforementioned Justice League will also likely be a worthy contender. The studio can allow Geostorm to dissipate into the ether.

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