Admittedly, this old video of Gerard Butler auditioning for the lead in Dracula 2000 isn’t new to the internet, but it is entirely appropriate viewing for this spoooooky season. It is so hilariously terrifying that you could easily put it on a YouTube playlist for your Halloween party and not a single guest would question why “Gerard Butler Dracula Audition” was queued up between “The Monster Mash” and a compilation of Freddy Krueger kills.

Thanks to The AV Club for bringing this wild little gem back to our attention. The video, which was first lovingly uploaded to YouTube by a very generous genius in 2006, features two minutes and six glorious seconds of Butler, dressed like Criss Angel on a Tinder date, auditioning for the titular role in Dracula 2000 — Patrick Lussier’s (My Bloody Valentine 3D) contemporary reboot of Bram Stoker’s iconic tale of terror, that was, obviously, released in the year 2000.

Butler’s audition is infinitely more horrifying than the actual film. Until this tape was released, the scariest thing about Dracula 2000 was the laughably, stereotypically awful soundtrack featuring bands like Static-X, Disturbed, Saliva and — inevitably — Marilyn Manson. Watching The Butler Tape, as it will henceforth be known, is like watching a haunted relic that emerged from a forgotten corner of the past, where it was buried under a spiky mountain of casual gothic daywear from Hot Topic and old VHS copies of The Crow.

You won’t die in seven days from watching The Butler Tape, but you might wish you were dead after about 30 seconds of this awe-inspiring garbage.

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