Oh my god, that TITLE. It’s impossible to imagine the scenario in which this title was decided on unanimously by a group of rational adult humans. What comes after Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen? Angel, clearly. The title of the next installment in the Help, Gerard Butler, the President Has Fallen and He Can’t Get Up series is Angel Has Fallen, which does not refer to David Boreanaz or Roma Downey and Della Reese, but to Air Force One.

Per Deadline, Millennium Films is moving forward with a new sequel in the Has Fallen franchise, with Gerard Butler set to reprise his role as super Secret Service Agent David Banning. The film, which is looking to begin production in early 2017, will put a spin on the previous formula by making Banning the target of a terrorist group who wants to eliminate the President’s best agent — and take down half of Washington, D.C. in the process. Of course, the President is also in danger (obviously), and as the title refers to the fictional codename of his Air Force One, we have to assume that much of the sequel takes place on a plane.

It’s unclear if Aaron Eckhart will be re-elected to the role of President Benjamin Asher, or if he’ll be replaced by a new character. The previous films also starred Morgan Freeman as VP Alan Trumbull, Melissa Leo as Defense Secretary Ruth Macmillan, and Radha Mitchell as Banning’s wife, Leah.

London Has Fallen may have been inferior to its predecessor on a critical level, but the sequel grossed $205 million to Olympus’ $161 million at the worldwide box office, all-but-guaranteeing a third installment in the series. Millennium will begin shopping Angel Has Fallen at the American Film Market next week, and it shouldn’t take long for someone to snatch up the rights.

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