Since many of us won't be spending face-to-face time with those whom we love dearly, we are looking for creative ways to show our love. This season, let's become 'Santas' ourselves. We can turn our attention toward delivering thoughtful gifts straight to the home of friends and family, while keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe.

You can opt to have it delivered, or mask up, and take your sleigh (car) around town and leave a happy surprise on someone's porch. If they do open the door, make sure to stay safely distant and let the gift give them the "hug" for you. And since we almost all have access to whatever digital distractions we want, maybe something more nostalgic or "old-school" would be extra comforting this year.

Remember, when it comes to gift-giving, it's thoughtful to consider the person. If you know someone is trying to avoid drinking or perhaps they are a burgeoning chef, the gift you bring should reflect that.

Here are a few ideas for your consideration:

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A packet of 5 to 10 of your favorite recipes alongside one of them, prepared.

Bring one of your favorite holiday candles for them to enjoy--keep in mind whether they are a man or a woman, and try to avoid overly strong scents to avoid a "scent mis-match."

How about a loaf of freshly made bread with a pretty ribbon? Most people find baked goods delightful. Plus, there's something particularly cozy about freshly baked bread.

If you know they adore chocolate, gift them some gourmet chocolates. If you can do homemade, so much the better. If not, we have local businesses here who can help you pick out something delectable.

Are they a coffee lover? Bring a pound of special coffee they can serve after dinner.

If your friend is a reader, many find receiving a book a charming gift. If you're close, why not highlight some of your favorite passages that you think they'd find particularly compelling. Write a note inside for them.

How about a scrapbook or memory album with photos or mementos from experiences you've had together over the years?

Even a bag of great pasta with a jar of sauce that you love is a nice offering and makes for an easy meal for them to have on a particularly stressful day.

Bring a self-care package. Many of us are extra stressed right now. Also, adults tend to forget to stop and take time to rejuvenate. Encourage them to do so by bringing a box or basket filled with herbal tea and honey, massage oils, bath salts, etc.

If your friend has children, they'd probably appreciate a "fun box" filled with toys or games that can help keep them occupied and happy--for a little while at least. 

Obviously, a bottle of wine or high-end bourbon is a lovely gift, provided your friend or family member isn't trying to avoid alcohol.

We may not be able gather together like we usually do. But, that doesn't mean we can't communicate our love to our friends and family this holiday season. 

Christmas During Covid: Heartfelt Gifts You Can Deliver To A Friend's Home This Season

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