How do you follow up viral video? Easy, release more hilarious videos.

Without question, one of my favorite things going right now in Shreveport is Digital Munchies. The husband and wife duo that is Josh and Melissa Munds have found quick success with their new YouTube account.

Following the Saints screw-job a few weeks ago, the two and their buddies got together to make a video that has been viewed on all social media platforms well over a million times. That success has rocketed them to a high-quality YouTube account with premium, constant content.

I was lucky enough to play a role in one of their latest video's, a "banned" Super Bowl ad promoting Dirty Dave's Body Wash. That, of course, was an absolute blast. They also put together a hilarious "banned" ad that's all about drinking wine from a Pringles can.

Check out their latest work below!



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